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Mirian Angulo Salazar

Biomarker Specialist

Carol Cheng

Research Assistant

Huei-Wen Chuang

Mass Cytometry Specialist

Kevin Clark

Flow Cytometry Specialist

Sally-Ann Clark

Flow Cytometry Specialist

Cyril (Pok Yui) Lai

Assistant Imaging Facility Manager

John Frankland

Sequencing Technician

Maria Greco

Single Cell Facility Manager

Zoe Holloway

Research Assistant

Jana Koth

Imaging Facility Manager

Rhea Kujawa

Sadia Malik

Biomarker Specialist

Michalina Mazurczyk

Flow/Mass Cytometry Specialist

Marlen Metzner

Next Generation Sequencing Lead

Eyelet Morrow

Senior Laboratory Manager

Lucian Mshote Mwikamba

LIMS Manager

Timothy Rostron

Sequencing and HLA Typing Laboratory Manager

Joana Silva

Biomarker Manager

Nicola Slatter

Quality Manager

Paul Sopp

Flow Cytometry Facility Manager

Batchimeg Usukhbayar

Biobanking Lead

Paola Vargas Gutierrez

Research Assistant

Craig Waugh

Flow Cytometry Specialist