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Using genetic and epigenetic data to understand basic mechanisms of inflammation.

We are interested in the genetic and epigenetic determinants of inter-individual variation in immune responses. Our current projects are as detailed below:

Genetic and epigenetic determinants of immunity

The functional properties of a genetic polymorphism depend upon the cell type analysed and the state that the cell is in. Thus to understand the genetics of gene expression in immune cells we need to explore specific populations of cells in defined environmental contexts. We are using bulk and single cell RNA sequencing to explore the interplay between divergent immune stimuli and genetic variation across multiple cell types.  

inflammation and methylation

We are exploring the effect of immune stimuli on DNA methylation in human primary immune cells with reference to underlying genetic variation.

genomics guided cancer treatment

We are using sequencing data from circulating plasma DNA, cell subset transcriptomics and germline genetics in samples from patients with metastatic melanoma who are undergoing treatment with checkpoint inhibitor therapy to identify peripheral predictors of clinical benefits and adverse responses.


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