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The MRC Weatherall Institute for Molecular Medicine and the MRC MHU and MRC TIDU are committed to the sharing of our published research and any associated data and supplementary material freely and without undue restrictions in to the public domain.  

Our guiding principles

We follow the UKRI open access policy.

We recognise and reward outstanding contributions that enable the sharing of our research and data to the wider community.

Finding our research


If you are interested in a particular dataset, we recommend that you first contact the principal investigator of the research group 

All of the published work and associated material has been deposited in the Oxford University Research Archive which has a comprehensive search facility. 

You may also search for our work in many of the public repositories of data such as NCH Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO)


Reusing our published data


By default, we license our published data under the Creative Commons Attribution licence (CC BY). If you re-use our open access data in your own work we ask you to attribute the original authors of the work, the MRC WIMM, the funders of the work and the University of Oxford.


Contacting us


If you have any questions about our open access initiative then please contact us via email

 If you have requested access to our published datasets and have been denied access to the dataset, then you may appeal to our Open Access working group.

We will endeavour to respond to your appeal within 7 working days. We will ask you to fill in an appeals request form and attach any supporting information. 

Your appeal request will then be discussed at the next meeting of the Open Access working group, which are held once every term