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The WIMM Community for Parents and Carers (WCPC), established in 2023, aims to support staff and students of all career stages/paths in their lives as working parents and carers.

Starting a family, including going through pregnancy and taking maternity/parental leave, often happen during a critical career stage and there are many evolving challenges as children grow up. Similarly, caring for elder family members or those with disabilities can be exceedingly difficult to balance with working life. Parents and carers face challenges with time management, being pulled in different directions and feelings of isolation, which can be exacerbated further when staff or students with families are new to Oxford/the UK and may have left their existing support networks behind. The WCPC unites all WIMM staff and students with caring responsibilities from across the building and provides an opportunity for them to share challenges, seek advice, and provide support for each other in their careers and family lives.

Upcoming socials

Come and meet other parents and carers to share experiences and advice, discuss the impact of caring on professional life, and form a community of support.

3pm on Thurs 28th September in the Seminar room

10am on Weds 25th October in the Conference room

3pm on Tues 21st November in the Conference room

10am on Weds 13th December in the Conference room

contact us

 The WCPC can be contacted at

The Committee


Sam Jones


Clare Hardman


Ying Zhang