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The annual Weatherall Lecture was established in 2012, in honor of Prof Sir David Weatherall, founder of the MRC WIMM. This lecture takes place at the annual MRC WIMM away day.

Past lectures

2019 Richard Henderson
The electron cryomicroscopy revolution in structural biology
2018 Aviv Regev
Broad Institute, USA
Towards a Human Cell Atlas
2017 Hans Clevers
Hubrecht Institute, Netherlands
Stem cell-grown organoids as models for human disease
2016 Irving Weissman
Stanford University, USA
2015 Paul Nurse
Francis Crick Institute, UK
A lecture in two halves, making science work and controlling the cell cycle
2014 Stuart Orkin
Howard Hughes Medical Institute, USA

Bringing genetics and epigenetics to fetal hemoglobin

2013 Jules Hoffmann
University of Strasbourg, France
The innate immune response: phylogenetic perspectives
2012 Kim Nasmyth
University of Oxford, UK
How does cohesing embrace DNA and then let go?