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The WIMM Flow Cytometry Facility has a large number of high-end instruments including:

  • BD FACSDiscover S8 cell sorter with imaging technology (5 laser)
  • 2 x BD FACSAria Fusion Cell Sorters (4 laser)
  • BD FACSAria III cell sorter (4 laser)
  • Sony MA900 cell sorter (4 laser)
  • BD Symphony A5 cell analyser (5 laser)
  • BD Fortessa X20 cell analyser (5 laser)
  • BD Fortessa X20 cell analyser (4 laser)
  • BD Fortessa cell analyser (4 laser)
  • 3 x Attune NxT cell analysers (4 laser)

The WIMM Flow Cytometry Facility can provide:

  • Operator-assisted cell sorting
  • Operator-assisted cell analysis
  • Self-assisted cell analysis
  • Instrument training
  • Flow cytometry training courses


Please contact for further information.

We are happy to provide quotations for any project, including one-off pilot experiments or long-term studies. Our staff have over 70 years combined experience working with high-end instrumentation and have expertise in a wide range of flow cytometry applications.