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Elisa Armbrecht

Research Assistant

Christian Babbs

Head of Genome Engineering/Principal Investigator in RDM

Emma Butterfield

Personal Assistant To Senior Academics

Kinson Chan


Zoe Christodoulou

MRC WIMM Deputy Health and Safety Officer

Ellie Crispin

Research Assistant

Carol Eaton


Simon Ellis

MRC WIMM Head of IT and Research Computing

Anne Farmer

MRC TIDU Executive Coordinator

Chris Groves

MRC MHU Laboratory Manager

Karen Heathcote

MRC WIMM Communications and Public Engagement Officer

Gisela Henriques

MRC WIMM Health and Safety Manager

Beatriz Hirt-Font

Executive Co-ordinator and Assistant to the Director of the MRC Molecular ...

Jo Hovard

IMD Business Manager

Marta Jagielowicz

Laboratory Manager / MRC WIMM HTA PD

Jo Jones

MRC WIMM Finance Assistant

Stella Keeble

MRC WIMM Institute Administrator

Sophie MacKay

Research Assistant

Susan Maxwell

Research Assistant

Sarah Mayes

Research Assistant

Jean Metson

Lab manager and Research assistant

Claire Morris

HR Administrator

Dylan Muldoon

Research Assistant

Jessica Soo Weei Ng

Senior Research Technician

Krystian Nowicki

Research Assistant

Noelle Obers

Research Grants Facilitator

Aude-Anaïs Olijnik

Senior Research Assistant

Andrew Owenson

MRC WIMM HPC Administrator

Bora Ozcan

Research Assistant in Genome Editing

Kleitos Papadopoulos

Research Assistant

George Paschalis

IT Support Officer

Sam Pickles

MRC WIMM Digital Productions Officer

Tim Quantick

MRC WIMM Finance Manager

Shivani Rajhansa

Research Assistant in Haematopoietic Stem Cell Biology

Nigel Roberts

Research Assistant

Yasmine Saito

MRC WIMM Institute Executive Officer

Jingyi Sang

PA to Prof Ahmed Ahmed

Lisa Schimanski

Research Assistant

Renata Sojka

PA to Professor Alison Simmons

Ana Sousa Geros

DPhil Student

Liz Stephens

Finance Assistant

Emma Teague

MRC WIMM Receptionist

Duncan Tooke

IT Infrastructure Manager

Hannah Trendell

MRC WIMM HR Administrator

Mai Vuong

Research Assistant

Jing Wang

Research Assistant

Alastair Waugh

Laboratory Manager

Tom Wilson

Computational Research Assistant in Genomics