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The MRC WIMM Graduate Students Association (WGSA) is a student-run initiative bringing together the graduate student community within the MRC WIMM. We aim to provide social activities and peer support for students at any stage. We further aim to provide a platform for students to present their work and broaden their academic horizons.

Trip to a local pub


We organise several academic and social events throughout the year, including:

  • Welcome events at the start of the academic year
  • Regular social events, including café or pub outings on the first Thursday of every month, and annual events such as the annual student social with free pizza.
  • Write Club provides students with a platform to learn to present and communicate science efficiently and in a punchy manner using only a whiteboard (smartboard) and pen. Students are encouraged to think outside the box and brainstorm together with fellow DPhil students about anything science related – ranging from ethics to new technological developments (or even their own research).



Peer support

The GSA also provides peer support. A number of our students have undergone training to act as Peer Supporters and provide a listening ear for those with welfare concerns.

Peer supporters
Ioanna Rota 
Annina Graedel

Ivan Candido-Ferreira 

WIMM Graduate Studies Committee

The MRC WIMM additionally has a Graduate Studies Committee to ensure students are fully supported during their period of study. The Graduate Studies Committee meets at least once per term and students can voice any concerns through the student representatives.



LOGO AUG.jpgIf you would like to find out more about the WGSA you can contact us on

We also have a Facebook group, which you can request to join.




Bryan final.png

Bryan Adriaanse



Martyna Lukoseviciute


Falk final.png

Falk Schneider


Ioana final.png

Ioanna Rota

Social Secretary

Peer Support

Layal final.png

Layal Liverpool

Social Secretary

Annina final.png

Annina Grädel

Peer Support


Ivan Candido-Ferreira

Peer Support


Caitlin O'Brien-Ball

1st Year Rep


Merve Aksoz

1st Year Rep