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The MRC WIMM Post-doc Association (WPA) was established in January 2013 in order to provide a unified body to represent the views and meet the needs of postdoctoral researchers working at the MRC WIMM. All post-docs are welcome to join, or simply contribute ideas.


WPA full logo.pngThe WPA committee meets on a bimonthly basis to discuss issues, put forward proposals, and develop action plans to support the post-doc community. We liaise closely with the MRC WIMM faculty members to draw on their expertise and to enable implementation of our strategies, and are represented in all committees within the Institute.


We also organise a diverse range of activities including:

  • Science Career Seminars
  • Social events, such as the “An evening with…” series, which showcases the life story of eminent Oxford academics
  • Developing a campaign with national funders to restructure the career path and improve the career outlook for postdocs who do not wish to lead a research group.

Contact us

To join the WPA, to suggest ideas and raise concerns, or for more information please contact Lise or Rob. All welcome! More information is available for current postdocs in our intranet page.



Core committee


Caitlin Naylor



Robert Beagrie



Dannielle Wellington



Jess Forbester




Joe Frost

Social Events Coordinator


Jana Koth

'Evening With' Series Coordinator


Rachel Rigby

WIMM Seminar Committee Representative


Doran Khamis

Communications and Website Coordinator