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Adib Abdullah

DPhil Student

Naser Ansari-Pour

Senior Bioinformatician in Cancer Genomics

James Ashford

DPhil Student

Carla Cohen

Computational Biologist

Liangti Dai

DPhil Student

Charlotte George

Computational Biologist and Genomic Datascience Trainer

Emily Georgiades

DPhil candidate in Genomic Medicine and Statistics

Ravza Gur

DPhil Student

Lance Hentges

Postdoctoral Scientist

Jim Hughes

Professor of Gene Regulation

Jeanne Inchauspe

DPhil Student

Poorva Jain

DPhil Student

Xin Liu

DPhil Student

Benjamin McMaster

DPhil Student

Lena Morrill Gavarro

Postdoctoral Researcher

Patrick Pflughaupt

DPhil Student

Kevin Rue-Albrecht

Computational Biologist and biomedical data science trainer

Aleksandr Sahakyan

MRC WIMM Group Leader and Principal Investigator in RDM

Martin Sergeant

JavaScript Developer

David Sims

Associate Professor of Computational Genomics

Liezel Tamon

DPhil Student

Tom Wilson

Computational Research Assistant in Genomics