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Tom Wilson

BSc (Hons), MPhil

DPhil Student

Computational Biologist

💻 Background 💻

In 2021 I graduated with a BSc in Computer Science at the University of Surrey. One of the highlights was my final year project experimenting with clustering and topological data analysis of RNA-seq (GitHub) supervised by Dr Tom Thorne. Wanting to learn more real world applications of CS, I was inspired to take the MPhil in Computational Biology at the University of Cambridge.

I first came to WIMM for an internship in the Milne lab as part of my MPhil where I developed new software to identify key gene targets for MLL-AF4 leukaemia. Enjoying my time here, I then worked as a Research Assistant between the Hughes and Davies lab. I am now studying towards a DPhil in Medical Sciences having won a WIMM Prize Studentship.

🧬 Research Interests 🧬

My research interests are in developing novel computational methods to analyse epigenetic data. I am currently working on a new tool to quantify variability within bulk and single-cell ATAC-seq that overcomes common issues with peak calling.

🎓 Outreach 🎓

Outside of my studies, I have been involved in multiple access and outreach initiatives to improve accessibility to the University of Oxford for under-represented groups and to promote inter-disciplinary research. In recognition of this work, I was awarded The MCR WIMM Public Engagement Prize 2024.