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Although it is possible to connect to CCB servers using the simple terminal application (Applications/Utilities/Terminal) we recommend using the xterm via XQuartz for all connections. This will allow you to gain maximum use of the software available via your CCB account.

  • Start XQuartz (from "Applications" and then "Utilities")
  • Within XQuartz, open a new xterm window by choosing "Applications" and then "Terminal".
  • To connect to CCB type the following and press the return key:
    (Note: in the example below, the -Y is upper-case, and the -l is a lower-case 'L' )
    ssh -Y -l username

Setting up XQuartz

Click to download XQuartz

Further details regarding XQuartz (and X11) for Mac OS X can be found at the Apple website.


Use the following set of instructions to install XQuartz.

Double click on the XQuartz.pkg icon to open the installer:



When prompted click "Continue"






The XQuartz application will be installed in "Applications - Utilites"