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The following information should allow you to log in to our server, "deva", using your CCB account.
We recommend using the NX remote desktop to access deva, particularly if you are new to using the command line interface. A connection via NX to the CCB server will create a virtual desktop - allowing you to run x-windows-based graphical tools as well as command-line tools. Instructions on how to set this up are below.
If you are familiar with using a command line interface you can also access the servers via a terminal.

NX is a remote desktop program which lets you to connect to a remote server and run graphical applications remotely on that server. Your local machine acts like a terminal on the remote server. NX connections are secure as they use SSH encryption and authentication.

NX Installation

To install NX Client on your Mac download:

Note that later versions (eg v6.0.66) will NOT work with the CCB servers.

Once the package has downloaded, install the application by double clicking on the .dmg file:


Double click on the .pkg file:


Click Continue:


Click Continue:


Click Install:


Click Close:


Next, open the Application and you should see a screen like the one below - Click "New" to establish a new connection:


Select SSH as the protocol and click continue:


Type in the host name. To connect to 'deva' type ''. To connect to our alternative server, 'klyn', type ''. Then click Continue:


Select "Use the NoMachine Login" and click continue:


You will need one of the CCB SSH server keys.
Click this link and download the appropriate key (for deva or for klyn):

Tick the "Use an alternate Server Key" and browse for the deva_key file you downloaded earlier. Click continue:


Choose "Don't use a proxy"


Choose a name for the connection e.g. 'deva' and click "Done"


Now double click on the "deva" icon


Log in with your CCB username and password:


The following steps need only be set once if you choose the tick boxes to "Save this Setting in the connection file". Choose "Create a GNOME virtual desktop":


You should see the virtual desktop appear. To create a shortcut to terminal, from Applications menu, choose "System Tool - Terminal", then right click and choose "Add this launcher to panel".

Click on this "Terminal" icon to open a terminal window


Although it is possible to connect to CCB servers using the simple terminal application (Applications/Utilities/Terminal) we recommend using the xterm via XQuartz for all connections. This will allow you to gain maximum use of the software available via your CCB account.

  • Start XQuartz (from "Applications" and then "Utilities")
  • Within XQuartz, open a new xterm window by choosing "Applications" and then "Terminal".
  • To connect to CCB type the following and press the return key:
    (Note: in the example below, the -Y is upper-case, and the -l is a lower-case 'L' )
    ssh -Y -l username

Setting up XQuartz

Click to download XQuartz

Further details regarding XQuartz (and X11) for Mac OS X can be found at the Apple website.


Use the following set of instructions to install XQuartz.

Double click on the XQuartz.pkg icon to open the installer:



When prompted click "Continue"






The XQuartz application will be installed in "Applications - Utilites"