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Full accounts

A full account gives access to all of our base resources, including a small home directory and the ability to submit jobs to the batch system.

Current Oxford academics, students and staff are entitled to hold a full CCB account so long as the charges are paid and that they are either a PI in their own right or their PI is also member of the University. Oxford alumni and academic collaborators from other Universities are entitled to hold an account so long as all of the following are true:

  • You are working on an active academic collaboration with a member of the University of Oxford who has agreed to pay any charges associated with your account; and
  • You are registered with the University as a full academic visitor at the host department of your collaborator; and
  • You hold an Oxford e-mail account and remote access (VPN) account

To apply for a full account, or to renew a 3-month account which is expiring, please complete the application form available at

Collaboration Project storage

Collaboration projects are an easy, secure way for labs to share research data with each other on the cluster. Each project represents a single collaboration and can be as big - or as small - as it needs to be. Data stored in a project is automatically given the correct permissions so that only other people in the project can see it.

To create a new collaboration project, or to pay for additional quota for an existing project, please ask your PI to complete the application form available at 


The Biochemistry department has an agreement in place for full accounts at a reduced rate until the 1st of March 2023. Please contact Sarah Keene for details on how to register for a full account at Biochemistry rates.


Participation in the OBDS training course entitles you to a full account for 3 months. Please contact the OBDS training team directly for details on how to register for an OBDS account.

Imaging accounts

An imaging account gives access to the Harrier and Osprey servers for Huygens deconvolution analysis and GPU functionality. Please contact Ulrike Schulze for details on how to register for an Imaging account

Funding your account

CCB accounts are subject to charging as a result of the costs associated with the necessary storage and computing facilities. Most funding bodies accept this as a justifiable cost and we encourage all users to include these charges in their grant requests.