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We provide the MRC WIMM with a high performance computing platform, offering researchers efficient ways to store, analyse, collaborate and publish large data sets. In addition, expert staff install complex bioinformatics packages that can be used by all researchers and provide help and advice in their usage.

CCB Account

All members of the University of Oxford are eligible for an account with the MRC WIMM Centre for Computational Biology. Click here to register.


Our Computing infrastructure

The CCB cluster is a Linux CentOS 7 based environment which uses the open-source Slurm management system to schedule jobs: 

Nodes Cores each RAM each Cores total RAM total
Batch nodes 24 24 256GB 576 6TB
Large nodes 2 40 1TB 80 2TB
In addition, the cluster contains 4 x NVIDIA Titan RTX cards for parallel and multi-core tasks such as deep learning.

This core high-throughput analysis cluster is accessed via two login nodes and is surrounded by supporting infrastructure including a range of web and application servers, virtual machine hosting, and backup storage.


For enquiries please contact