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Tom Milne

Tom Milne


Thomas Milne


Associate Professor of Haematology

Epigenetics and gene regulation in Leukemia

Tom Milne received a PhD in 2005 that was co-supervised by Dr. Hugh Brock (University of British Columbia) and Dr. Jay Hess (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA) working on the wild type function of the Mixed Lineage Leukaemia (MLL) gene. Tom went on to do postdoctoral studies at The Rockefeller University (NY, USA) with Dr. C. David Allis where he worked on the epigenetics of MLL leukaemias. He then became a Group Leader in 2010 at the MRC Molecular Haematology Unit (MRC Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, The University of Oxford, Oxford, UK) and became an Associate Professor of Haematology in 2014.  The Milne lab's major area of interest is in epigenetics and gene regulation in leukaemia. Patients with mutations in the MLL gene do not respond well to conventional therapies and thus have very poor survival rates. This is likely due to the fact that MLL is a master regulator that modifies the epigenetic information content of a cell. The overall goal of the Milne lab is to use MLL leukaemias as a system to identify and analyze novel epigenetic pathways in leukaemia and to understand how they interact with transcription factor networks. The end goal will be to use this information to identify potentially novel druggable targets.

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