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The mission of the MRC Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine (WIMM) is to undertake internationally competitive research into the processes underlying normal cell and molecular biology and to determine the mechanisms by which these processes are perturbed in inherited and acquired human diseases. It is also our mission to translate this research to improve human health. The WIMM is uniquely placed among biomedical institutes throughout the world in its pioneering vision of combining outstanding clinical research with excellent basic science. The WIMM Faculty currently includes an equal mixture of scientists and clinicians working together and in collaboration with the National Institute of Health Research, the NHS and commercial companies with the aim of improving the diagnosis and treatment of human diseases. The major topics of current research include haematology, immunology, stem cell biology, oncology and inherited human genetic diseases. The Institute benefits from strategic support from the MRC.

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The Institute values communication with members of the broader scientific community and the general public and with the support of the Medical Research Council (MRC) we have commissioned three short videos to explain our mission.


RDM Image Competition 2015 success

RDM Image Competition 2015 success

Posted 17/04/2015

WIMM staff members Kevin Clark and Erdinc Sezgin have been awarded second place in the RDM Image Competition 2015 for their entries in the Non-Scientific and Scientific Image categories respectively. This fantastic achievement represents great skill in using photography and microscopy to illustrate scientific research. Erdinc SezginThe image shows the vesicles derived from cell membrane. These vesicles as called Giant Plasma Membrane Vesicles ...


New science and Nobel Prize winners: WIMM Day 2015

New science and Nobel Prize winners: WIMM Day 2015

Posted 08/04/2015

Once a year, all the scientists in the MRC WIMM come together to discuss their most exciting new research and to catch up with colleagues out of the lab over a cup of coffee and a mini quiche or two. The annual conference is always an excellent day and this year’s event, held on Friday 27th March at the Said Business School, was no exception. An important aspect of WIMM Day is the opportunity for PhD students to present their work to the entire ...

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Postdoctoral Scientist – Therapeutic Interventions for Thalassaemia & Anaemia of Inflammation Ref:117847

Posted 08/04/2015

Department of Experimental Medicine, NDM, Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine We are seeking a Postdoctoral Scientist to undertake the development and pre-clinical testing of novel therapeutic interventions aiming to i) prevent iron overload of non-transfusion dependent thalassaemia and ii) treat anaemia of inflammation. This post will form part of a team working on a new project funded by Pfizer as part of the Rare Disease Consortium in ...

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What links Down Syndrome and childhood leukaemia?

In short: we don’t know – but scientists at the WIMM are hoping to find out. Just over a year ago, Professor Irene Roberts moved from the Hammersmith Hospital in London to the WIMM, where she is continuing her long-standing research into haematological disorders that affect newborn babies – particularly those with Down syndrome. In this blog, Dr. Barbara Xella talks to Irene about her work, and how she hopes it will help to improve diagnosis and treatment of these devastating childhood disorders.

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