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The mission of the MRC Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine (WIMM) is to undertake internationally competitive research into the processes underlying normal cell and molecular biology and to determine the mechanisms by which these processes are perturbed in inherited and acquired human diseases. It is also our mission to translate this research to improve human health. The WIMM is uniquely placed among biomedical institutes throughout the world in its pioneering vision of combining outstanding clinical research with excellent basic science. The WIMM Faculty currently includes an equal mixture of scientists and clinicians working together and in collaboration with the National Institute of Health Research, the NHS and commercial companies with the aim of improving the diagnosis and treatment of human diseases. The major topics of current research include haematology, immunology, stem cell biology, oncology and inherited human genetic diseases. The Institute benefits from strategic support from the MRC.

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The Institute values communication with members of the broader scientific community and the general public and with the support of the Medical Research Council (MRC) we have commissioned three short videos to explain our mission.


MRC WIMM Public Engagement Prize winners announced at this year’s WIMM Day

MRC WIMM Public Engagement Prize winners announced at this year’s WIMM Day

Posted 28/03/2017

A huge congratulations to Tomasz Dobrzycki who has won this year’s MRC WIMM Public Engagement Prize. Tomasz, who is a DPhil student with Dr Rui Monteiro in the MRC Molecular Haematology Unit, has shown fantastic commitment to public engagement over the last year, taking part in a whole host of activities including the MRC Festival and events at the Museum of Natural History in Oxford. Most recently, he has turned rap-star for FameLab – a UK wide ...


2017 RDM Image Competition Winners Announced

2017 RDM Image Competition Winners Announced

Posted 15/03/2017

The winners of the RDM Image Competition 2017 were announced at RDM Day on Monday 6th March - and the WIMM swept the board!  Entries were invited for three categories: Around Oxford Scientific In and Around the Department The department received some incredible entries in all three categories and there was some lively discussion amongst the judges to select the winning images, which you can see on the RDM website here, and will be ...

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Postdoctoral Scientist in Quantitative Biology of Cell Fate and Tissue Dynamics ref:128244

Posted 24/03/2017

Applications are invited for the new position of Postdoctoral Scientist in Quantitative Biology of Cell Fate and Tissue Dynamics, at the MRC Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine (WIMM). We seek a highly motivated, proactive individual who will benefit from the exceptional WIMM research environment and the recently purpose-built MRC WIMM Centre for Computational Biology, which brings together experts in analysis of large computational ...

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CRISPR computers: how to program a cell


Inside every cell in your body, a complex network of signals are constantly being sent, received, interpreted and acted upon. These signals tell the cell how and when to perform its particular specialised task, in concert with all the other cells surrounding it. Understanding how these networks operate is critical to developing a full understanding of biological systems, but until recently, scientists have lacked tools with sufficient precision to probe these networks accurately. In this blog post, Quentin Ferry (a DPhil student in Tudor Fulga’s lab at the MRC WIMM) describes their latest research, recently published in Nature Communications, in which they have developed new molecular tools that allow rewiring of cellular signalling networks with unprecedented precision.

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