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On Saturday 10th September 2022 12.30-4 pm, the MRC WIMM will be joining colleagues from the Medical Sciences Division at the Old Road Campus Research Building (ORCRB) as part of the Oxford Open Doors programme. This event is open to everyone.

This Saturday the ORCRB will open to the public as part of the Oxford Open Doors scheme run by the Oxford Preservation TrustMeet the scientists and see labs where amazing science is done to develop tomorrow’s medicine. Learn about cutting-edge research through hands-on family-friendly activities. See real laboratories with a DNA extraction robot in action, and fluorescent fish under the microscope (>16yr).

As part of the day researchers have prepared: 

  • More than 20 different fun and educational activities (including a stall run by the MRC WIMM)
  • A series of speakers leading sessions on the range of research taking place
  • Visits to the Jenner Institute, where the Oxford/AZ COVID vaccine was designed  (> 16yr)
  • Demonstrations of state-of-the-art technologies: confocal microscopy, high throughput screening robot, flow cytometer (> 16yr)

Sample Science at the Old Road Campus. Visit the labs where the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine was designed. 10th September 2022 12:20-4pm

The ORCRB houses the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, the Jenner Institute, the Center for Medicines Discovery (CMD), the Drugs Discovery Institute (ODDI), the Target Discovery Institute (TDI), the Department of Oncologyand the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences. The MRC WIMM are delighted to be invited as guests to host an engagement stall alongside these research institutes.

For more details visit the Ludwig Cancer Research webpage: 

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