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Recent publications published by the researchers at the MRC WIMM.

Development of therapeutic anti-JAGGED1 antibodies for cancer therapy.

Journal article

Masiero M. et al, (2019), Mol Cancer Ther

A hydroxamic-acid-containing nucleoside inhibits DNA repair nuclease SNM1A.

Journal article

Doherty W. et al, (2019), Org Biomol Chem

Teasing apart the multiple roles of Shp2 (Ptpn11) in spermatogenesis.

Journal article

Maher GJ. and Goriely A., (2019), Asian J Androl

amplimap: a versatile tool to process and analyze targeted NGS data.

Journal article

Koelling N. et al, (2019), Bioinformatics

Ataxin-3 Links NOD2 and TLR2 Mediated Innate Immune Sensing and Metabolism in Myeloid Cells

Journal article

Chapman T. et al, (2019), Frontiers in Immunology

BRCA2 abrogation triggers innate immune responses potentiated by treatment with PARP inhibitors.

Journal article

Reisländer T. et al, (2019), Nature communications, 10

Landscape of transcriptomic interactions between breast cancer and its microenvironment.

Journal article

Fox NS. et al, (2019), Nature communications, 10

Nanoscale dynamics of cholesterol in the cell membrane.

Journal article

Pinkwart K. et al, (2019), J Biol Chem

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