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Recent publications published by researchers at the MRC WIMM.

Generating human bone marrow organoids for disease modeling and drug discovery.

Journal article

Olijnik A-A. et al, (2024), Nat Protoc

Take the MYC to expand blood stem cells.

Journal article

Wilkinson AC., (2024), Blood, 143, 838 - 840

A high-throughput two-cell assay for interrogating inhibitory signaling pathways in T cells.

Journal article

Sharma S. et al, (2024), Life Sci Alliance, 7

A repair pathway lost in multiple sclerosis provides a new drug opportunity.

Journal article

Jensen LT. et al, (2024), Nat Immunol, 25, 385 - 386

Iron dysregulation and inflammatory stress erythropoiesis associates with long-term outcome of COVID-19.

Journal article

Hanson AL. et al, (2024), Nat Immunol, 25, 471 - 482

New analysis of atypical spermatocytic tumours reveals extensive heterogeneity and plasticity of germ cell tumours†

Journal article

Rajpert‐De Meyts E. et al, (2024), The Journal of Pathology

Ultrahigh frequencies of peripherally matured LGI1- and CASPR2-reactive B cells characterize the cerebrospinal fluid in autoimmune encephalitis

Journal article

Theorell J. et al, (2024), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 121

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