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Recent publications published by researchers at the MRC WIMM.

Influence of the extracellular domain size on the dynamic behavior of membrane proteins.

Journal article

Gurdap CO. et al, (2022), Biophysical journal

Lymphatic endothelia stakeout cryptic stem cells.

Journal article

Antanaviciute A. et al, (2022), Cell Stem Cell, 29, 1292 - 1293

A tubulin binding molecule drives differentiation of acute myeloid leukemia cells.

Journal article

Jackson TR. et al, (2022), iScience, 25

Clonal behaviour of myogenic precursor cells throughout the vertebrate lifespan.

Journal article

Hughes SM. et al, (2022), Biol Open, 11

Deep sequencing of short capped RNAs reveals novel families of noncoding RNAs.

Journal article

De Hoon MJL. et al, (2022), Genome Res

Interferon-γ resistance and immune evasion in glioma develop via Notch-regulated co-evolution of malignant and immune cells

Journal article

Parmigiani E. et al, (2022), Developmental Cell, 57, 1847 - 1865.e9

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