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We are committed to engaging patients, their families and the wider public with our research on the immune system and infectious diseases. We foster a culture of public engagement within our Unit, and our researchers are encouraged to get involved in a variety of initiatives.

MRC WIMM researcher talks at Oxford's Cornmarket Street


Schools and teachers

We regularly visit schools and host work experience students in our labs. We also organise sessions for teachers, such as one-day courses to engage teachers with the latest biomedical research, and workshops to test activities that can be used to deliver the science curriculum. You can access online our latest lesson plan on antibodies and blood groups.

The Eggeling lab takes the physics of light to a local school
Talking about our research© PeterCanning

Patients and carers

Our researchers work closely with patient groups and charities with an interest in their area of research.


Festivals and Museums

Over the years we have participated in several local and national science festivals, including the Oxford Curiosity Carnival, where our researchers took to the streets to talk about the science of light, and transformed a room in the Oxford Natural History museum into a Blood Factory.

Curiosity Carnival 2017© Ian Wallman


DPhil student Layal Liverpool talks about her research

Talks and lectures

Our researchers present and talk about their research in a variety of settings, from local pubs and high streets to public lectures at the John Radcliffe Hospital.