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Recent publications published by researchers at the MRC WIMM.

LAG-3: a very singular immune checkpoint.

Journal article

Lui Y. and Davis SJ., (2018), Nat Immunol, 19, 1278 - 1279

Dimensions and Interactions of Large T-Cell Surface Proteins.

Journal article

Junghans V. et al, (2018), Front Immunol, 9

Receptor Quaternary Organization Explains G Protein-Coupled Receptor Family Structure.

Journal article

Felce JH. et al, (2017), Cell Rep, 20, 2654 - 2665

Initiation of T cell signaling by CD45 segregation at 'close contacts'.

Journal article

Chang VT. et al, (2016), Nat Immunol, 17, 574 - 582

On the Control of TCR Phosphorylation.

Journal article

Fernandes RA. et al, (2012), Front Immunol, 3

Extracting significant phrases from text

Conference paper

Lui YJ. et al, (2007), Proceedings - 21st International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications Workshops/Symposia, AINAW'07, 2, 361 - 366