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Recent publications published by researchers at the MRC WIMM.

Splicing factor YBX1 mediates persistence of JAK2-mutated neoplasms

Journal article

Jayavelu AK. et al, (2020), Nature, 588, 157 - 163

Guidelines for the use of flow cytometry and cell sorting in immunological studies (second edition).

Journal article

Cossarizza A. et al, (2019), Eur J Immunol, 49, 1457 - 1973

Comparative RNAi Screens in Isogenic Human Stem Cells Reveal SMARCA4 as a Differential Regulator

Journal article

Güneş C. et al, (2019), Stem Cell Reports, 12, 1084 - 1098

Epigenetic aging of human hematopoietic cells is not accelerated upon transplantation into mice

Journal article

Frobel J. et al, (2018), Clinical Epigenetics, 10

Improved Human Erythropoiesis and Platelet Formation in Humanized NSGW41 Mice

Journal article

Rahmig S. et al, (2016), Stem Cell Reports, 7, 591 - 601

Multilineage readout after HSC expansion – erythrocytes matter

Journal article

Mende N. et al, (2016), Cell Cycle, 15, 1032 - 1033

Humanized Mouse Models for Type 1 Diabetes Including Pancreatic Islet Transplantation

Journal article

Rahmig S. et al, (2014), Hormone and Metabolic Research, 47, 43 - 47

Kit regulates HSC engraftment across the human-mouse species barrier.

Journal article

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Improved HSC reconstitution and protection from inflammatory stress and chemotherapy in mice lacking granzyme B

Journal article

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