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Recent publications published by researchers at the MRC WIMM.

Reconstruction of the Global Neural Crest Gene Regulatory Network In Vivo.

Journal article

Williams RM. et al, (2019), Dev Cell, 51, 255 - 276.e7

Low-Bias RNA Sequencing of the HIV-2 Genome from Blood Plasma.

Journal article

James KL. et al, (2019), J Virol, 93

Erythroferrone Inhibits the Induction of Hepcidin By BMP6

Conference paper

Arezes J. et al, (2018), BLOOD, 132

Erythroferrone inhibits the induction of hepcidin by BMP6.

Journal article

Arezes J. et al, (2018), Blood, 132, 1473 - 1477

Canonical Notch signaling is dispensable for adult steady-state and stress myelo-erythropoiesis.

Journal article

Duarte S. et al, (2018), Blood, 131, 1712 - 1719

Single-cell analysis reveals the continuum of human lympho-myeloid progenitor cells.

Journal article

Karamitros D. et al, (2018), Nat Immunol, 19, 85 - 97

ICG-001 affects DRP1 activity and ER stress correlative with its anti-proliferative effect.

Journal article

Zinecker H. et al, (2017), Oncotarget, 8, 106764 - 106777

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