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Recent publications published by researchers at the MRC WIMM.

MDC1 Interacts with TOPBP1 to Maintain Chromosomal Stability during Mitosis.

Journal article

Leimbacher P-A. et al, (2019), Mol Cell, 74, 571 - 583.e8

Chemosensitivity profiling of osteosarcoma tumour cell lines identifies a model of BRCAness.

Journal article

Holme H. et al, (2018), Scientific reports, 8

ATR Is a Therapeutic Target in Synovial Sarcoma

Journal article

Jones SE. et al, (2017), Cancer Research, 77, 7014 - 7026

ATR inhibitors as a synthetic lethal therapy for tumours deficient in ARID1A

Journal article

Williamson CT. et al, (2016), Nature Communications, 7