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Recent publications published by researchers at the MRC WIMM.

Apoptotic cell fragments locally activate tingible body macrophages in the germinal center.

Journal article

Grootveld AK. et al, (2023), Cell, 186, 1144 - 1161.e18

Hepcidin-Mediated Hypoferremia Disrupts Immune Responses to Vaccination and Infection.

Journal article

Frost JN. et al, (2021), Med, 2, 164 - 179.e12

Scoring a HAT-Trick against Lymphoma.

Journal article

Bannard O., (2019), Immunity, 51, 420 - 423

Germinal centers: programmed for affinity maturation and antibody diversification.

Journal article

Bannard O. and Cyster JG., (2017), Curr Opin Immunol, 45, 21 - 30

Ubiquitin-mediated fluctuations in MHC class II facilitate efficient germinal center B cell responses.

Journal article

Bannard O. et al, (2016), J Exp Med, 213, 993 - 1009

Phenotypic and Morphological Properties of Germinal Center Dark Zone Cxcl12-Expressing Reticular Cells.

Journal article

Rodda LB. et al, (2015), J Immunol, 195, 4781 - 4791

CXCR4 promotes B cell egress from Peyer's patches.

Journal article

Schmidt TH. et al, (2013), J Exp Med, 210, 1099 - 1107

Immunology. When less signaling is more.

Journal article

Bannard OM. and Cyster JG., (2012), Science, 336, 1120 - 1121

Pathways of memory CD8+ T-cell development.

Journal article

Bannard O. et al, (2009), Eur J Immunol, 39, 2083 - 2087

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