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Recent publications published by researchers at the MRC WIMM.

Between form and function: the complexity of genome folding.

Journal article

Oudelaar AM. et al, (2017), Hum Mol Genet, 26, R208 - R215

Genetic dissection of the α-globin super-enhancer in vivo.

Journal article

Hay D. et al, (2016), Nat Genet, 48, 895 - 903

SCL-mediated regulation of the cell-cycle regulator p21 is critical for murine megakaryopoiesis.

Journal article

Chagraoui H. et al, (2011), Blood, 118, 723 - 735

Differential use of SCL/TAL-1 DNA-binding domain in developmental hematopoiesis.

Journal article

Kassouf MT. et al, (2008), Blood, 112, 1056 - 1067

Characterisation of SCL DNA-binding functions in vivo in haematopoiesis.

Conference paper

Kassouf M. et al, (2005), BLOOD, 106, 493A - 493A