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Recent publications published by researchers at the MRC WIMM.

Apc-mutant cells act as supercompetitors in intestinal tumour initiation.

Journal article

van Neerven SM. et al, (2021), Nature, 594, 436 - 441

Spatiotemporal analysis of human intestinal development at single-cell resolution.

Journal article

Fawkner-Corbett D. et al, (2021), Cell, 184, 810 - 826.e23

Single-cell fate decisions of bipotential hematopoietic progenitors.

Journal article

Brand M. and Morrissey E., (2020), Curr Opin Hematol, 27, 232 - 240

An Assessment of the Mutation Rate or Normal Colorectal Epithelium in Patients with Cancer Compared to Patients Without

Conference paper

Marks KM. et al, (2019), JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY, 249, S38 - S38

Spatiotemporal regulation of clonogenicity in colorectal cancer xenografts.

Journal article

van der Heijden M. et al, (2019), Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 116, 6140 - 6145

Phospho-regulation of ATOH1 Is Required for Plasticity of Secretory Progenitors and Tissue Regeneration.

Journal article

Tomic G. et al, (2018), Cell Stem Cell, 23, 436 - 443.e7

Fixation and Spread of Somatic Mutations in Adult Human Colonic Epithelium.

Journal article

Nicholson AM. et al, (2018), Cell Stem Cell, 22, 909 - 918.e8

Stem cell competition: how speeding mutants beat the rest.

Journal article

Morrissey ER. and Vermeulen L., (2014), EMBO J, 33, 2277 - 2278

Continuous clonal labeling reveals small numbers of functional stem cells in intestinal crypts and adenomas

Journal article

Kozar S. et al, (2013), Cell stem cell, 13, 626 - 633

Defining stem cell dynamics in models of intestinal tumor initiation

Journal article

Vermeulen L. et al, (2013), Science, 342, 995 - 998

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