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Recent publications published by researchers at the MRC WIMM.

RNA polymerase II pausing temporally coordinates cell cycle progression and erythroid differentiation.

Journal article

Martell DJ. et al, (2023), Dev Cell, 58, 2112 - 2127.e4

Ancient genomic linkage couples metabolism with erythroid development.

Journal article

Preston AE. et al, (2023), bioRxiv

Direct correction of haemoglobin E β-thalassaemia using base editors.

Journal article

Badat M. et al, (2023), Nat Commun, 14

Scalable in vitro production of defined mouse erythroblasts.

Journal article

Francis HS. et al, (2022), PLoS One, 17

The eha research roadmap: normal hematopoiesis

Journal article

Jaffredo T. et al, (2021), HemaSphere, 5

Publisher Correction: The relationship between genome structure and function.

Journal article

Oudelaar AM. and Higgs DR., (2021), Nat Rev Genet

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