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Recent publications published by researchers at the MRC WIMM.

Long COVID and cardiovascular disease: a prospective cohort study.

Journal article

Lawson CA. et al, (2024), Open Heart, 11

Why cells need iron: a compendium of iron utilisation.

Journal article

Teh MR. et al, (2024), Trends Endocrinol Metab

Tracking in situ checkpoint inhibitor-bound target T cells in patients with checkpoint-induced colitis

Journal article

Gupta T. et al, (2024), Cancer Cell, 42, 797 - 814.e15

Profiling of Tumor-Infiltrating Immune Cells and Their Impact on Survival in Glioblastoma Patients Undergoing Immunotherapy with Dendritic Cells

Journal article

Peres N. et al, (2024), International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 25, 5275 - 5275

HSV-1 employs UL56 to antagonize expression and function of cGAMP channels

Journal article

Blest HTW. et al, (2024), Cell Reports, 43, 114122 - 114122

Predictability of B cell clonal persistence and immunosurveillance in breast cancer

Journal article

Sammut S-J. et al, (2024), Nature Immunology, 25, 916 - 924

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