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The high expression of CD1a on Langerhans cells in normal human skin suggests a central role for this lipid antigen presenting molecule in skin homeostasis and immunity. Although the lipid antigen presenting function of CD1a has been known for years, the physiological and pathological functions of the CD1a system in human skin remain incompletely understood. This review provides an overview of this active area of investigation, and discusses recent insights into the functions of CD1a, CD1a-restricted T cells, and lipid antigens in inflammatory and allergic skin disease. We include recent publications and work presented at the biennial CD1-MR1 EMBO workshop held in 2019 in Oxford, regarding lipids that increase and those that decrease T cell responses to CD1a.

Original publication




Journal article


Mol Immunol

Publication Date





14 - 19


CD1 antigen presenting molecules, Lipids, Skin, T cells, Antigen Presentation, Antigens, CD1, Humans, Langerhans Cells, Lymphocyte Activation, Skin, Skin Diseases, T-Lymphocytes