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A new event for this year, the day saw people from across the Unit facilities and admin teams gather for an afternoon of ice-cream, games and food.

Attendees of the MRC MHU Summer Party 2022
The MRC MHU Summer Party, 2022

Held on Wednesday 13th July 2022 at the New College Sports grounds, the MRC MHU Summer Party was the first large in-person social event held by the Unit in more than two years.

Attendees took part in a variety of games ranging from a ‘clonal competition’ relay race and egg throw, a marshmallow/pasta engineering challenge, a Unit quiz and an obstacle course where teams competed in rounds of PPE prep, cold box stacking and speed pipetting.

At the end of the day the scores were tallied and the winning team were ‘The Complement Receptors’.

Thanks go to the organising committee, MHU Executive Coordinator Karin Mcleod, and all of the games captains who made the day go so smoothly.


See some of the highlights in the photos below:

People queuing in front of an icecream van.


Competitors running in the obstacle course game.

Team building engineering challenge using spaghetti and marshmallows.

 Speed-pipetting of water with red food colouring at the obstacle course challenge during the MRC MHU Summer Party

 Attendees of the MHU Summer Party 2022

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