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Held on 16th June 2022 at Somerville College in Oxford, the one-day event brought together post-doctoral researchers from across the Institute to share their research.

A podium and vertical banner. On the screen reads 'Welcome to the WIMM Postdoc Symposium'.

The WIMM Post-doc symposium is an annual event organised by the WIMM Post-doc Association to provide a platform for researchers to meet, collaborate and network. With the symposium unable to take place in 2020 or 2021, the 2022 symposium was a welcome return to in-person events.

People sitting outside on a sunny day at the 2022 Post-doc symposium.

Attendees sit in the sunshine at the 2022 WIMM Post-doc Symposium

After a welcome to the event from Professor Alison Simmons, Director of the MRC HIU, the day was split into Research Flash Talks, Scientific Reports, and highlights from WIMM facilities and committees. The day was broken up with networking opportunities, with plenty of food and refreshments.

The keynote lecture was given by Dr Evangelia Petsalaki, Group Leader at EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute. Dr Petsalaki gave a compelling and informative insight into navigating scientific careers in her talk: ‘My academic road: from Computational biology to wet lab and back again’.

After a day of fantastic talks and research highlights, the audience voted for the presentation prizes:

Many congratulations to the winners and to everyone who presented!

People seen in the reflection of a window.

Researchers from across the MRC WIMM attended the day.

Post-doc symposium 2022 flowers.png

The Symposium was held in the beautiful grounds of Somerville College in Oxford

The WIMM Post-doc symposium was organised by the WIMM Post-doc Association (WIMM WPA). The WIMM WPA hosts a range of events throughout the year. Their next event will be ‘Transitions in a basic scientist’s career: Student to Postdoc and Postdoc to PI’ by Professor Jan Rehwinkel. Friday 8th July 2022 12-1pm in the WIMM Seminar Room.