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Funding from the Azaylia Foundation will support the Scientific Advances for Infant Leukaemia (SAIL) programme.

An adult holds a baby's hand in theirs. © Hu Chen/Unsplash

Yesterday it was announced that the Azaylia Foundation have donated £101,850 to fund the Scientific Advances for Infant Leukaemia (SAIL) programme, a UK-wide collaboration between the University of Oxford's Department of Paediatrics and Great Ormond Street Hospital.

The programme prioritises the development of treatments tailored to childhood cancers. Researchers in the programme, including the Childhood Leukaemia Research Group from the MRC WIMM and MRC MHU, aim to create a roadmap for all types of leukaemia, and improve prognosis for patients with cancers such as acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL).

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