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Professor Anne Goriely has been appointed as RDM's inaugural EDI Academic Lead. Professor Goriely will take up her new role from 1 October 2023. She will join the Senior Leadership Team to ensure EDI continues to be considered at a strategic level across the department; she will also chair RDM's EDI Committee. Professor Goriely will work particularly closely with Charlotte Smith, RDM's EDI Facilitator, with an early focus being preparation for Athena Swan re-accreditation in 2024–2025.

Professor Goriely comments, 'I am delighted to have been appointed as the new RDM EDI Academic Lead, not only because it aligns with my values but because it affords me an opportunity to shape a culture where everyone's uniqueness is acknowledged and empowered. In this role, I am committed to working for and with this community, to ensure that we're integrating EDI values into the very fabric of our working practices. I also hope to convince everyone that Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion aren't just “buzzwords”; they're tools that we can use to build a thriving community with a healthy research culture in which every individual feels a sense of belonging.'