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On Saturday 16th July, volunteers from the MRC WIMM talked the science of blood, lab techniques and coding at the Play and Activity Day organised by the Oxfordshire Play Association.

Aqua bead activity to make your own blood. Each colour bead represents a specific blood component.

The free event hosted at the Wheatley and Holton Playing Fields saw representatives from across the community bring hands-on activities for families.


The MRC WIMM stall had a variety of activities to engage budding young scientists:

-Wacky pipettes and a pipetting challenge which were popular with our youngest visitors.


Wacky pipettes for young scientists at the Wheatley and Holton Play and Activity Day 2022.Wacky pipettes and a pipette challenge at the Wheatley Play Day 2022.


 - Our robotics station. 'He absolutely loves the robot' noted a parent visiting the station with their son.

Botly Robots at the Play Day in Wheatley, 2022.

Visitor programmes the robot to complete tasks.


 -and a make-your-own-blood activity

Six different coloured aqua beads are layed out, allowing visitors to construct their own mixture of blood. These are then collected in the large perspex box at the end of the table.


Thanks go to the volunteers who made the day happen: Orion Tong and Flavia Matos Santo (Fairfax Group), and Noelle Obers (Core Administration).