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This year's RDM winners are Edward Jenkins, Antje Rottner, and Akshay Shah.

Composite image of portrait photos of two men and a woman, against a blue background.

The annual prize is awarded to current or recently graduated RDM DPhil students, in recognition of exceptional achievement in their research. The prizes reflect the wide range of clinical and basic research undertaken within RDM.

Congrarulations to Edward Jenkins from the MRC HIU who is among the prize winners.

This year's prizes go to:

  • Edward Jenkins (pictured above, left) completed his DPhil under the supervision of Professors Simon Davis and Christian Eggeling at the MRC HIU. His DPhil focused on using reconstituted systems, biophysical approaches, and microscopy, to study the mechanism by which T-cells effectively discriminate between self and non-self - a long-standing conundrum in T cell biology. Find out more about his work.
  • Antje Rottner (pictured above, centre) completed her DPhil under the supervision of Professor Anna Gloyn at the Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism (OCDEM) aiming to identify genes that influence Type 2 Diabetes risk through human pancreatic beta cell dysfunction. Find out more about her work.
  • Akshay Shah (pictured above, right) completed his DPhil under the supervision of Professors Simon Stanworth, Peter Robbins (DPAG) and Dr Stuart McKechnie (OUH). The focus of his DPhil was on investigating the epidemiology and mechanisms of anaemia in survivors of critical illness and  and potential the role of intravenous iron as a treatment strategy. Find out more about his work.

Very many congratulations to all the award winners.