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The Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework (LEAF) aims to support research laboratories to embed sustainability into their work.

wooden recycling symbol against a background of green leaves.

LEAF is a standard set by University College London to improve the sustainability and efficiency of laboratories. By joining the LEAF programme, laboratories reduce their carbon emissions and create an environment that supports research quality. Laboratories are awarded either a Bronze, Silver, or Gold level depending on how many sustainability actions they take.

We are delighted to announce that the following teams successfully submitted to the programme:

Gold Award

Wolfson Imaging Centre

Patel Lab (MRC MHU)

Kusumbe Lab (MRC HIU)

McHugh Lab (Oncology)

Silver Award

Wilkie Lab

Rehwinkel Lab (MRC HIU)

Bronze Award

Higgs Lab 

Therapy Acceleration Laboratory

Davis Lab (MRC HIU)

Hughes Group (MRC MHU, CCB)


We are proud of the steps our researchers are taking to make laboratory work more sustainable.

These efforts to improve sustainability were celebrated at the Vice-Chancellor’s Environmental Sustainability Awards 2023 on the 20th June, alongside many other fantastic achievements across colleges and departments at the University of Oxford.