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Click on the profiles below to find out more about each project supervisor and their research. Applicants are encouraged to contact prospective supervisors to express their interest and discuss possible projects.

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Bannard development and maturation of b cell mediated antibody responses

Bannard Group - B Cell Immunology

Development and Maturation of B cell Mediated Antibody Responses

Blackford group dna damage and disease

Blackford Group - DNA Damage and Disease

Studying the signalling mechanisms cells use to respond to DNA damage and why defects in these pathways cause human diseases such as cancer.

De bruijn group developmental haematopoiesis

de Bruijn Group - Developmental Haematopoiesis

Development of the hematopoietic/ immune system in the embryo

Cader group translational molecular neuroscience group

Cader Group - Translational Molecular Neuroscience Group

Aiming to elucidate the pathophysiological basis of human neurological disorders from genetic molecular networks to complex neural systems.

Clynes group cancer therapeutics dna damage and repair laboratory

Clynes Group - Cancer Therapeutics, DNA Damage and Repair Laboratory

Understanding and targeting telomere maintenance in cancer

Cornall group b cell development and immune regulation

Cornall Group - B cell development and immune regulation

Understanding B cell development and diseases associated with abnormal antibody production.

Davis group t cell biology

Davis Group - T Cell Biology

Studying how lymphocytes decide to mount immune responses against, for example, tumours (cancer immunotherapy).

Drakesmith group iron and immunity

Drakesmith Group - Iron and Immunity

Iron, immunity, anaemia, and infection

Eggeling group

Eggeling Group

Molecular nano-immunology and optical microscopy

Fugger group oxford centre for neuroinflammation

Fugger Group - Oxford Centre for Neuroinflammation

Multiple sclerosis: understanding genetic and environmental susceptibility

Fulga group genome engineering and synthetic biology

Fulga Group - Genome Engineering and Synthetic Biology

Design and implementation of synthetic circuits for research and therapeutic applications

Gibbons group atrx group

Gibbons Group - ATRX Group

Chromatin remodelling in health and disease

Goriely group clinical genetics

Goriely Group - Clinical Genetics

De Novo Mutations, Selfish Selection, Mosaicism and Human Disease

Higgs group laboratory of gene regulation

Higgs Group - Laboratory of Gene Regulation

Using state-of-the-art laboratory and computational approaches to understand how mammalian genes are switched on and off during development and differentiation and how this goes awry in human genetic diseases.

Ho group translational lung immunology

Ho Group - Translational Lung Immunology

Studying the contribution of the immune system to lung injury, repair and fibrosis.

Georg hollander developmental immunology

Holländer Group- Developmental immunology

The molecular and cellular biology of thymus development and function

Hughes group mrc wimm centre for computational biology mrc mhu

Hughes Group - Genomics, gene regulation and disease

Applying a wide range of genomics methods and technologies to understand how gene expression is regulated.

Iotchkova group statistical genetics

Iotchkova Group - Statistical Genetics

Novel statistical method development for discovery and interpretation of genetic contribution to human cardiovascular and haematological traits

Koohy group machine learning and integrative approaches in immunology

Koohy Group - Machine Learning and Integrative Approaches in Immunology

Developing machine-learning and mathematical models to understand heterogeneity of response to personalised cancer immunotherapy.

Mchugh group dna damage and repair

McHugh Group - DNA Damage and Repair

Studying DNA damage and repair to understand the causes of cancer and improve its treatment.

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