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The deadline for applications for any Oxford-administered scholarships, including the WIMM Prize Studentship, has now passed. Prospective applicants are strongly advised to contact their prospective supervisor in advance of making an application to ensure the availability of research opportunities. We advise you to submit your application as soon as possible. This allows more time to complete all admissions processes and makes it easier to find a college place. You should be aware that applications received before the funding deadline of 10 January will be processed prior to any later applications being considered. The latest date you can apply for a place for October 2020 entry is Friday 24 July 2020. You can find full details on the application process in the University’s application guide.

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Bannard Group - B Cell Immunology

Development and Maturation of B cell Mediated Antibody Responses

Cerundolo Group

Enhancing tumour specific immune responses for the treatment of ovarian cancer

de Bruijn Group - Developmental Haematopoiesis

Development of the hematopoietic/ immune system in the embryo

Dong Group - Human T Cell responses against viruses and cancer

Identification of key determinants affecting the quality of human cancer specific cytotoxic T cells

Gibbons Group - ATRX Group

Chromatin remodelling in health and disease

Goriely Group - Clinical Genetics

De Novo Mutations and Human Disease

Higgs Group - Laboratory of Gene Regulation

Using state-of-the-art laboratory and computational approaches to understand how mammalian genes are switched on and off during development and differentiation and how this goes awry in human genetic diseases.

Iotchkova Group - Statistical Genetics

Novel statistical method development for discovery and interpretation of genetic contribution to human complex traits

Morrissey Group - Quantitative biology of cell fate and tissue dynamics

Modelling stem cell fate and alterations due to mutations

Nerlov Group - Hematopoietic Stem Cell Genetics

Single Cell Biology of Hematopoietic Stem- and Progenitor Cells in Blood Cancer and Ageing

Porcher Group – Molecular dissection of blood cell fate determination

Molecular dissection of blood cell fate determination.

Psaila Group - Megakaryocytes, platelets and Malignant Bone Marrow Fibrosis

Megakaryocytes, platelets and Malignant Bone Marrow Fibrosis

Rehwinkel Group - Innate Immunity

Nucleic Acid Sensing during Virus Infection

Sahakyan Group – Integrative Computational Biology and Machine Learning

Combining computational biology, computational chemistry, and machine learning techniques with biological big data to unravel the higher genomic code of life.

Townsend Group - Molecular Immunology

Immunity to Influenza and Ebola viruses

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