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Latest news from the Rehwinkel lab

Rachel's paper is published in scientific reports - May 2019

Congratulations to post-doctoral researcher Rachel Rigby for her paper in Scientific Reports, which demonstrates that the influenza A virus protein PA-X antagonises MAVS-dependent accumulation of early type I interferon mRNAs during infection. 

Prizes for rehwinkel lab members at mrc wimm day - MARCH 2019

Group Leader Jan Rehwinkel received the Andrew McMichael Medal for excellent graduate supervision, alongside Adrian Harris. DPhil students Layal Liverpool and Jonny Hertzog were also successful at WIMM Day 2019. Layal received the 2019 Public Engagement Prize in the Individual category, while Jonny competed for the highly contested Ita Askonas Medal and received a special mention for his talk on VZV innate immune evasion, alongside Caz Harrold and prize winner Martyna Lukoseviciute.


This year, our lab won first prize in the annual WIMM Xmas decorations competition. Our decorations were very abundant and featured a starry ‘Labtivity’ scene depicting the three wise men visiting a baby Jesus swaddled in aluminium foil as well as an icosahedral virus in the form of a stained glass window. Click here to see more.


This year's lab retreat in Portugal provided a fantastic opportunity to discuss on-going projects in detail and explore new ideas! This year we welcomed new lab member Henry Blest (DPhil student) as well as lab alumnus Dr. Jonathan Maelfait (now a group leader at Ghent University in Belgium).

Tamara passes viva - october 2018

Congratulations to DPhil student Tamara Davenne who passed her viva!

facebook live interview in the rehwinkel lab with oxford sparks - june 2018

DPhil student Layal Liverpool and post-doctoral researcher Mirjam Schilling participated in a Facebook LIVE interview with Oxford Sparks. Layal and Mirjam spoke about viruses, how cells can detect them and how this can be studied in the laboratory. They also answered live questions submitted by the audience via Facebook.

Gregorio's graduation - May 2018

Congratulations to Rehwinkel lab alumnus Antonio Gregorio Dias Jr on receiving his doctorate.

Jonny and gregorio's paper is published in eji - MARCH 2018

Congratulations to DPhil student Jonny Hertzog and former DPhil student Antonio Gregorio Dias Jr for their paper published in the European Journal of Immunology entitled "Infection with a Brazilian isolate of Zika virus generates RIG-I stimulatory RNA and the viral NS5 protein blocks type I IFN induction and signaling".

rehwinkel lab does team experiment: "a day in the life of a dna editor" - january 2018

Follow a day in the life of the Rehwinkel lab, as we join forces to do a large genome editing screen, hunting for genes involved in the type I IFN signaling pathway – an important biological cascade involved in regulating our immune system. By using this new technology we hope to better understand how our bodies respond to viral infections.

This study was led by post-doctoral researcher Alice Mayer and the video was edited by DPhil student Tamara Davenne.

a-level student serena visits the lab for a day - november 2017

As part of her work experience, Serena (Year 12) shadowed DPhil student Layal Liverpool for a day in the lab. Serena is interested in studying Biomedical Science or Medicine at university. 

rehwinkel lab goes on retreat - october 2017

Thank you to EMBO for sponsoring this year's lab retreat to Portugal. The lab retreat provides an excellent opportunity to discuss projects and explore new ideas! This year we welcomed new lab members Natalia Sampaio, Qiannan (Kalika) Tang and Mirjam Schilling.

gregorio passes viva - October 2017

Congratulations to DPhil student Antonio Gregorio Dias Jr who passed his viva!

jonny wins poster prize at MRC HIU day - september 2017

Well done to DPhil student Jonny Hertzog who received the HIU day poster prize for his poster entitled  "Defence and Counter-Defence: The interplay between Zika virus and innate immunity".

alice's paper is published in methods mol biol - august 2017

Congratulations to post-doctoral researcher Alice Mayer for her paper published in Methods in Molecular Biology entitled "Purification of Cyclic GMP-AMP from Viruses and Measurement of Its Activity in Cell Culture".

Layal wins poster prize at msd dphil day - JULY 2017

Well done to DPhil student Layal Liverpool who won 1st prize for best poster at the 14th annual Medical Sciences DPhil Day for her poster entitled "Z-nucleic acids in virus-host interactions".

jonathan's Paper is published in embo j - july 2017

Congratulations to post-doctoral researcher Jonathan Maelfait for his paper published in EMBO Journal entitled "Sensing of viral and endogenous RNA by ZBP1/DAI induces necroptosis". Read more in this WIMM blogpost: "Sensing viruses: shape matters".

jan delivers lister institute prize lecture - may 2017

Congratulations to group leader Jan Rehwinkel, who delivered his Lister Institute Research Fellowship Prize Lecture on 3 May 2017.

tamara, gregorio and jan attend keystone  - march 2017

DPhil students Tamara Davenne and Antonio Gregorio Dias Jr and group leader Jan Rehwinkel presented posters at the Keystone Symposium in Banff, Canada entitled "Type I Interferon: Friend and Foe alike". Tamara shared her experience of the conference in this short blogpost.

jan is named embo young investigator - October 2016

Congratulations to group leader Jan Rehwinkel who was named as one of 25 new EMBO Young Investigators. He joins a network of 74 current and 382 past Young Investigators who represent some of the best young group leaders in the life sciences in Europe and beyond.

jonathan's paper is published in cell reports - july 2016

Congratulations to post-doctoral researcher Jonathan Maelfait for his paper published in Cell Reports entitled "Restriction by SAMHD1 Limits cGAS/STING-Dependent Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses to HIV-1".

Anne's paper is published in science - september 2015

Congratulations to research assistant Anne Bridgeman for her paper published in Science entitled "Viruses transfer the antiviral second messenger cGAMP between cells". Read more about this discovery of the immune system's Trojan horse.