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Grid Horsley

BSc, MRes

DPhil Student

Research Interests

The processes behind DNA replication and the DNA damage response are fundamental to the propagation and survival of cells. However, these activities are often altered in cancer cells, leading to mutations, chemotherapeutic resistance and poorer prognoses. Grid is working to identify and characterise new protein-protein interactions in DNA replication and repair, to better understand how these processes intersect.


Grid studied their BSc in medical science at the University of Birmingham, specialising in molecular and cell biology. They worked for two years in the NHS at the West Midlands Regional Genetics Laboratory, before undertaking an MRes at Imperial College London, where their projects included investigating a potential mechanism of chemotherapeutic resistance and optimisation of nucleic acid amplification techniques. Grid joined the Blackford group as a PhD student in 2020.


A Hypomorphic PALB2 Allele Gives Rise to an Unusual Form of FA-N Associated with Lymphoid Tumour Development

Journal Article

Byrd PJ. et al (2016), PLoS Genet. 18;12(3):e1005945. doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1005945.