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Richard Salisbury


Anya Sturdy Fellow

I studied medicine at the University of Manchester and qualified as a doctor in 2011. During my medical degree I undertook an intercalated Master of Research degree based in the Kielty group at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Extracellular Matrix Research. I trained in internal medicine and haematology in Oxford and I am currently working as a clinical research fellow sponsored by the Anya Sturdy Trust. I have recently secured funding from Cancer Research UK to study for a DPhil in Cancer Sciences.

My research focusses on gaining a better understanding of the role of TET2 mutation in the pathogenesis of Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukaemia (CMML). This is a nasty type of chronic blood cancer that predominantly affects the elderly and is incurable in the majority of cases. TET2 is an enzyme that helps control gene expression through changing methylation tags on DNA. Loss of function mutations in TET2 are found in 40-60% of patients with CMML and also occur a large number of haematopoietic and solid organ malignancies. However its role as a tumour suppressor remains elusive. I want to uncover how the loss of function of TET2 in haematopoietic stem and progenitor cells can lead to enhanced progenitor cell self renewal and myelomonocytic differentiation bias, the hallmarks of CMML pathogenesis. I hope that through gaining a greater understanding of this process I will be able to identify new treatment targets to perturb the development of CMML.