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Pramila Rijal


Career Development Fellow

Antibodies, Vaccine and Drug against Influenza virus

Antibodies and Vaccine Development Against Infectious Viruses

Dr Pramila Rijal obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Oxford in 2017, specialising in studying the human monoclonal antibody response to influenza and Ebola viruses following natural infection or vaccination. With more than ten years of dedicated research, she has demonstrated proficiency in both antibody and vaccine development for combating infectious diseases. Presently, her research takes centre stage on the influenza neuraminidase (NA) protein, where she applies her expertise in refining monoclonal antibodies in vitro, spearheads the development of NA-based nanoparticle vaccine for targeting potentially pandemic influenza viruses, and contributes significantly  to the discovery of novel drugs targeting this essential viral protein.