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Ian Hsu

DPhil (PhD) Student


Ian is currently a DPhil student in the Wilkinson Lab in the Weatherall Institute. 

Ian began his research career at the Nakauchi Lab at Stanford University, where he first developed an interest in stem cell biology, particularly in hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs). As a student there, Ian helped to expand on the uses of the novel PVA-based HSC expansion cultures developed by the Nakauchi Lab. 

After moving to Dartmouth College to begin undergraduate studies, Ian joined the McKenna Lab at Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine. Under the mentorship of GESTALT creator Aaron McKenna, Ian learned to build to build bioinformatics tools, culminating in the creation of a cell lineage simulator of his own. 

At Oxford University, Ian has returned to HSC studies in an effort to elaborate on the signaling pathways guiding HSC ex vivo expansion. The goal of this research is to identify molecular targets which will further improve HSC expansion, and thus improve treatment of patients suffering from hematopoietic diseases.