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Elizabeth Brown

Postdoctoral Scientist

Elizabeth received her BA and MSci degrees from the University of Cambridge. During her time in Gerard Evan’s lab, she completed a Master’s project investigating the effect of Myc heterogeneity on the intracellular signalling of triple negative breast cancer. She then moved to the University of Oxford to complete her DPhil under the supervision of Prof. Alex Bullock and Dr. Gillian Farnie, within the Centre for Medicines Discovery. Her thesis used spheroid-based screening, transcriptomics and CRISPR genome editing to identify and characterise arginine methylation as a therapeutic target within ACVR1 mutant Diffuse Midline Glioma, a rare paediatric brainstem tumour.

She is now a postdoctoral scientist within Adam Wilkinson’s and James Davies’ groups where she is developing novel protocols for the differentiation and study of human granulocytes and monocytes from ex vivo expanded haematopoietic stem cells.


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