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In mid-October this year, something quite remarkable happened at the WIMM.

Instead of performing its usual task of hosting distinguished academic speakers, on one crisp autumnal Thursday the WIMM Seminar Room took on quite a different role.

For one day only, the room was filled with stalls selling all sorts of wonderful handmade items – from glass ornaments and jewellery to carved wooden platters, alongside a huge selection of cakes, jams and chutneys. In addition, volunteers from the WIMM ran a raffle and bottle stall, and representatives from the charity UCARE were present to explain more about the organisation, and to sell their trademark tulip bulbs and homemade cards.



In total the event raised £590.29, which combined with other fundraising activities earlier this year means that the WIMM have now raised a grand total of £1825 for UCARE.

This money will go towards the UCARE ultrasound scanner appeal in memory of a former member of staff at the WIMM, Nilay Patel, a urological surgeon who died suddenly aged 39 last year.

The organizing committee of the Craft Fair would like to thank all those who helped to run the event – and to everyone who attended, making the Craft Fair a resounding success. The funds raised will be a substantial contribution towards the £30,000 required to purchase a new ultrasound scanner.

You can find out more about UCARE here, and donate to the scanner appeal here.