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We are delighted to announce that two members of the facilities staff at the MRC Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine have been chosen to act as Technician Champions.

Two women standing in front of a white textured wall.

As a signatory to the Technician Commitment, the University of Oxford is keen to increase the visibility of technicians, ensure they are better recognised for the valuable work they do, and support them with professional development and career progression.

14 Technician Champions have been appointed from across the University as part of the Technicians programme, including two from the MRC WIMM.

These champions will be working on a range of interesting projects until September 2024 - all of which will help to raise the profile and/or support the career development of technicians at the University. The champions will also help to promote better two-way communication between technicians and the wider University.

Sally-Ann Clark, Flow Cytometry Specialist in the Flow Cytometry Facility, and Michalina Mazurczyk, Manager of the Mass Cytometry Facility have been appointed to represent the Radcliffe Department of Medicine and Medical Sciences Division.

Sally-Ann will be working with Karen Chung (Technician Champion for NDPH) on setting up a shadowing scheme for technicians in MSD and with Magda Timan (Technician Champion for Paediatrics) on organising a networking event for technical staff.

Sally said:

I am delighted to have been selected as a Technician Champion and I am looking forward to playing a role in advocating for and advancing the interests of technicians in the Medical Sciences Division and across the University.

Michalina’s project will involve organising an event to showcase the expertise and capabilities of service labs at the University, in order to gain new users and promote new collaborations across departments and with business.

Michalina said:

I’m excited to be working as a Technician Champion. I already started my project, and I was reassured by numerous technical staff from the University’s Scientific Research Facilities that working on increasing the visibility of their services and expertise is vital to their overall success.

Read more about the University’s Technician Champions and their projects here: