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Over the summer months, two MRC WIMM researchers, Jessica Davies and Juan Ruiz Villalobos, ran a six-week salsa course for beginners.

Based at the MRC WIMM, the course was intended to be a fantastic way to have some light-hearted, uplifting and “science-independent” fun.
WIMM Salsa Group Photo


Attended by around 15 people per week, the classes were held each Friday evening – a great way to wind down and have some fun at the end of the working week! They were also a great way to bring people together from throughout the institute, helping to nurture a friendly and interactive atmosphere between research groups.

Thank you everyone who attended the classes, and for your brilliant feedback!

“The salsa classes at the WIMM have been the best way to lift your spirits on Friday afternoon, meet new people and make new friends, while learning a lifelong skill.” (Petar Radanliev)

“…they were a great way to meet and chat with fellow WIMM members who I would not normally get a chance to chat with; these types of events are important for networking and team building….a great way to exercise, wind down and have fun – and forget about the frustrations of the lab work!” (Phill North)

"Jess' and Juan's passion for salsa was very inspiring and turned each lesson into great fun!" (Markus Toegel)

 “The WIMM salsa classes were a stress buster for me…I believe it gives a chance to do something different, which is full of FUN…and what could be better than learning with your colleagues and friends?” (Mukesh Lalwani)

Due to the success of the beginner’s course, MRC WIMM salsa may yet return - watch this space!