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Ovarian Cancer Action recently announced the award of a £600,000 grant to a team of Oxford Researchers led by Professor Ahmed Ashour Ahmed at the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Oxford, John Radcliffe Hospital.

The grant was awarded as part of a new open call competitive grant round, which we launched in June 2013 to attract innovative, novel and creative proposals for ovarian cancer research.

Professor Ahmed’s proposal is centred on the use of innovative approaches to monitor tumour response to chemotherapy using keyhole surgery.

The combination of direct monitoring of tumours and focused analysis of tumour samples will enable the identification of new treatment that would target the fundamental processes responsible for chemotherapy resistance to eradicate cancer cells.

The study will run for three years and involves extensive molecular, genetic and drug screens to identify novel therapies that are suited for individual patients.

The project was described by MSRC member Professor Ian Hart as one of the best proposals he had ever read.

Another peer reviewer said: ‘I doubt that there are very few, if any, other gynaecologists in the world capable of designing and completing this research, which may very well lead to improved personal treatment of ovarian cancer.


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