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fundraising.jpgEvery year, the MRC WIMM organises a series of fund-raising events in aid of a local charity, including a summer quiz, a raffle, and sales of home-grown plants and home-made cakes. This autumn, the Institute organised a craft fair selling gifts, home-made jams, chutneys and cakes, with proceeds going to this year's nominated charity: the Oxford Homeless Medical Fund

The Oxford Homeless Medical Fund (OHMF), now managed by Oxford Homeless Pathways, was originally established in 1981 to provide accessible, appropriate and effective primary healthcare for local homeless people. 

In 1996, OHMF launched a special fundraising appeal to raise money for a permanent medical centre to serve homeless people. Thanks to generous donations from our supporters, the purpose-built Luther Street Medical Centre opened in January 1999.

fundraising 2.jpgThrough OHMF's new Promoting Access to Health Services (PATHS) project, volunteers provide vital support for vulnerable patients who attend Luther Street Medical Centre. Find out about PATHS here

In total, this year's fundraising events at the MRC WIMM raised a grand total £2551.14 for OHMF. Many thanks to Kathryn Robson and Liz Cloke for organising this autumn's craft fair, to Beth Lang for hosting the quiz in the summer, and to all in the Institute who supported this year's progamme of events.