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Each year, the MRC WIMM holds a number of fund-raising events in aid of a local charity. This year the Institute has chosen to support the Oxford Homeless Medical Fund, which provides welfare, educational and medical services for homeless people in Oxford.

Over the past few months, Kathryn Robson, Liz Cloke and Beth Lang have organised a range of events to raise money for the Fund, including the now famous plant sale (never have tomato plants flown off the shelf so quickly), a bric-a-brac stall, and the annual WIMM Quiz, which has become a fixture in the Institute’s social calendar.

Nearly 20 teams entered this year’s fiercely competitive quiz, run by Beth Lang and David Parr, which was won by the imaginatively named Jason’s Doner Van. The quiz itself raised £378, and the raffle which was also drawn at the event raised over £250, thanks to many generous donations from staff and students at the WIMM.

In total, the Institute has raised £1412.14 for the Oxford Homeless Medical Fund, with more events to follow this autumn. Many thanks to Kathryn, Liz and Beth for their continued efforts in organizing the annual events, and to Doug Higgs (Director of the MRC WIMM) for his support.